Mershaw Consulting LLC

Mershaw Consulting is a family-owned company specializing in databases and information security.

With more than 50 years' experience in computers combined, our team is absolutely passionate about finding solutions to your problems. As the IT industry has boomed year after year, we've seen more and more positions filled with people who are there to punch the clock. Now there's nothing wrong with seeing a growth industry and making the decision to be a part of it, but that's just not who we are. Ever since the days we connected our first 8-bit computer to the family television, we've known this was where we belonged.

We have years of experience in corporate culture and as private contractors, and decided to form Mershaw Consulting LLC as an answer to the growing trend of IT outsourcing. Fed up with the inefficiencies of larger businesses, the frustration of working with people who don't love technology, and the uncertainty of individual freelancing, we realized the solution was to work together.

By keeping things small and simple as possible, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service with the lowest amount of bureaucracy. Our extended network of partner businesses and professionals means if we don't know the answer to your problems we do know someone who does. We work seamlessly with them integrated into our team (or integrated into yours) to provide you a single, simple point of contact.

We're ready to make your IT problems our IT problems. Give us your headache and we'll return a solution.